Skin Care With Medicinal Herbs

Before modern industrialization, skin care was limited to recipes utilizing medicinal herbs for skin. Now, herbal skin care products have been tucked away as obsolete inventions of the past because industrialization has completely revolutionized skin care to be shiny plastic … Read More


Tanning Damages Skin Irreversibly

It’s a national misconception that tan skin is a sign of good health. It probably stems from the assumption that healthy people spend lots of time outside doing exciting, active things. (This assumption is problematic, by the way. Most of … Read More

Anti Aging 101 : How to Treat Leathery Skin

If you have dark, leathery skin, chances are you’ve abused your skin way too much when you’re younger that is why you’re suffering from such problems today. As we age, our skin will reflect the number of hours we’ve spent … Read More

Alternative Medicine: What Is It?

What is alternative medicine? It is a phrase that has been tossed around more and more in the media, the bookstores, and increasingly, the doctor’s office, but how often does anyone say what alternative medicine is? Theoretically, alternative medicine is … Read More


Is Cannabis Use Beneficial For Multiple Sclerosis?

Some medical researchers have grouped together to look for tests that can evaluate some extracts of the cannabis such as the cannabidiol or CBD and the delta9-tetrahydrocanabinnol or the THC. According to their findings, a therapeutic advantage and benefit can … Read More

CBD Oil 750mg Natural Orange Flavor

Cannabinoids, What are They?, Cannabinoids, What do they do?

Cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN…) The Active Elements Of dope Beneath are some of the naturally developing cannabinoids identified in weed products like marijuana, cannabis, and cannabis oil. Additionally to natural cannabinoids, there are quite a few synthetic cannabinoids which are … Read More


Minimally Invasive Surgery Centres in Delhi at Affordable Cost- Delhi

Minimally Invasive Surgery Centres in Delhi   Minimally invasive or Minimal Access Surgery Centres Minimally invasive surgery at Centres in Delhi has less operative trauma for the patient than an equivalent invasive procedure. It may be more or less expensive. Operative … Read More

CBD Oil 750mg Natural Orange Flavor

Alzheimer's Illness and Cannabis

Alzheimer’s sickness (AD) is a nerve problem involving unidentified source that is seen as some sort of gradual loss of memory space as well as learned behavior. Patients with Alzheimer’s may also be going to encounter depressive disorders, frustration as … Read More

CBD Oil 750mg Natural Orange Flavor

How to Get the Highest Quality Vapor

Last month, we sat down with vaporizer expert Mark McCoy, founder of Vrip Tech (a Northern California-based company that produces the highest quality vaporizers on the planet) to find out about the benefits of vaporizing.  This week, he shared his top tips … Read More

Medicinal Properties of Marijuana

Many people refute the beneficial properties of cannabis seeds, but is is a real fact that marijuana has proven medical properties; hence researchers have published their finding in an attempt to make legal its use. Marijuana scientific name is Cannabis … Read More