Skin exfoliating is a tried and proven means of getting the skin rejuvenated and fresh. The basic principle of this skin care activity involves getting rid of the top layer of skin which is mainly composed of lifeless epidermis cells. By exfoliating you will not only better your complexion but you will also be less wrinkly and rough looking. Though most people assume that a simple washing of the face is adequate the truth is that exfoliating exposes the young fresh cells covered by the older dead cells. This results in skin that is both radiant and rejuvenated.

One of the most effective ways of exfoliating that you can adopt simply involves the use of a facial scrub once weekly. If you are thick-skinned you can exfoliate twice weekly but care is of the essence since an excess of exfoliating has been the cause of irritation and uneven pigmentation in many people. Facial scrubs have granules as part of their ingredients and persons whose faces produce pus pimples need to be wary of irritation courtesy of the granules as this can spur infection. Exfoliation can also be done by means of a face mask that is usually peeled off. Again, this is to be done once weekly.

To exfoliate correctly, your skin needs to be fully wetted – this is of course after you have thoroughly cleansed the face. A sizeable blob of exfoliating scrub should then be gently rubbed on the face using circular motions for a minute or so. Proceed to rinse off the scrub completely. After this you then have to moisturize with a suitable preparation that contains either BHA or AHA as per your type of skin. Remember to avoid the eyes and surrounding skin and it is best to use the cream during evening hours.

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